"Fight or Flight," by Leif Larson, currently on view at Kavarna.

"Fight or Flight," by Leif Larson, currently on view at Kavarna.

Kavarna Coffeehouse

Kavarna is a coffeehouse and café. We serve single-origin and blended coffees sourced and roasted by Anodyne Coffee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We cook virtually everything from scratch (unlike a lot of places), make all of our own baked treats (thanks Danielle), and use some organic and local ingredients. We have lots of vegetarian or vegan options, as well as deli style sandwiches featuring artisanal meats and cheeses.

We are proud to be on a first name basis with great Wisconsin producers like Twin Elms Gardens, Ledgeview Gardens, Omanhene Chocolate, Carr Valley Cheese, Belgioioso Cheese, and many others.

10 Things to Do at Kavarna

  1. Grab a bite to eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. We’re open till 9.
  2. Coffee and a treat.
  3. Hear some live music. 
  4. Get some work done.
  5. Hold a board meeting.
  6. Catch up with your mom, best friend, brother. 
  7. Read a book, a newspaper, a manuscript.
  8. Get down to business.
  9. Have lunch delivered to your workplace.
  10. Get some knitting done.


Where is Kavarna?

We are located at 143 N. Broadway St. on the Near West Side of Green Bay; this is a half block North of the intersection of Broadway and Walnut Streets; the heart of the Broadway District.


From Highway 41: Exit onto Shawano Avenue, turn right. When you reach Broadway Street, turn left. Kavarna is up a half block on your left.

From Highway 43: Exit at Mason Street, turn left. Continue along Mason Street, over the bridge, take the Broadway Exit, turn left. Kavarna is about 1 mile down on your left.

From Ashwaubenon: Take Ashland Avenue to Shawano Avenue, turn right. Take Shawano to Broadway Street, turn left. Kavarna is up a half block on your left.

Free Wi-Fi at Kavarna

Kavarna is proud to provide free wireless internet. We offer this as a service to our customers because we believe that it adds value to the Kavarna experience. There is a password, but this is provided to customers at the counter. But there are several things that should be pointed out:

  1. Kavarna's employees are not trained to do technical troubleshooting. Our free wi-fi is some of the most heavily used in the region, so it can get wonky on occasion. We cannot guarantee anything.
  2. Our experience of the past year is that if you are having trouble connecting, it's most likely a problem with your computer setup; though every once in awhile the wireless network needs to be reset.
  3. Yes, you are expected to buy something.

There is also a Time Warner Hot Spot for those of you who are Time Warner cable subscribers.


We do book the occasional show or hold an exhibit now and then. If you are interested, please send a link to your artwork and/or music to info(at)kavarna.com. Please understand that we do not have time to respond. If we are interested in your artwork and/or music, we will contact you. 

Jobs at Kavarna Coffeehouse

We are always accepting applications. You can print out the application here.