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James Rawson at Kavarna Coffeehouse with Liv Rather, November 20, 7pm

James Rawson is a singer from Illinois who writes and performs music using electronics and other musical instruments. Take a look at his website. Local singer/songwriter Liv Rather opens. Show begins at 7pm. I copied the following from James Rawson's website.

What Does James Rawson’s Music Sound Like? 

Dubbing his fresh electro indie pop vibe “like a side project between Beethoven and The Postal Service,” James Rawson draws from his passions for classical music, English lit., and social justice to create a compelling 10 track song cycle which portrays how love blooms from ruins.

“Remarkably elegant, Rawson’s arrangements are imaginative as they forge a path towards a more thoughtful, more creative take on pop music. James Rawson’s ‘Tristan & Isolde’ effortlessly combines classical and electro sounds into a tasteful whole” - Skope Magazine

“Rawson is a remarkable songwriter, with moving orchestral melodies in the charismatic ‘Tristan & Isolde.‘ Rawson’s dreamy electronic wisps, his thought-provoking lyrics combine to make a remarkable collection. High marks for ‘Tristan & Isolde.’” - Hot Indie News

“A dichotomy between human and inorganic…is reigned into a unified approach by Rawson’s talented hand. Taken together, the constituent elements on Rawson’s album are as immersive as the original Wagner opera.”- Neufutur Magazine

What does James Rawson Believe in? 

James Rawson gives away a portion of his music profits to women’s rights charities, including Futures Without Violence and Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling. He has also organized special clothing drive concerts for Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling. And through the character of Isolde on his new album, Rawson explores powerful female social issues.

Excerpt from VENTS Magazine:

VENTS: “I understand the music goes to rape and that type of charities – how did you get involved in this?”

James: “I believe music should help people. It should give them hope and show them that someone else has gone through what they’re going through or have gone through. So, using my music to help charities is a naturally extension of my core belief in music. Also, I believe very strongly in pure equality between people. Unfortunately, gender inequality still happens today, so I felt as a male artist, I could help break down those gender gaps. I don’t see many other male artists being super outspoken on gender issues. With this void and my view on what music should be, I saw an opportunity to help.”

“Plus, I’m a dad. So, I’m going to work as hard as I can to make the world more open for my daughter and son. I want both of my kids to be strong individuals. I do not want them to be pushed into a stereotype. So, I want to help break down those gender stereotypes. I want my kids to grow into the best world possible.”